Multi-purpose use rather than just a soundwall.

 Soundwall, Freeway Barrier, Rainwater Harvesting, Electric Energy Producer

WaterFence’s system is superior to current soundwalls

Collection of much needed water and the production of electricity. Water for fire suppression, water for freeway plants, etc. This will save water that is currently used for agricultural and many other uses, every drop counts. It also helps keep our streams and rivers clean. This system will create massive amounts of Electricity for California’s grid and for powering lights and signs along the freeway electric vehicle charging stations, (These can be installed at rest stops) not to mention advertising sign revenue.

     Manufactured in California, creating great paying jobs, and again California will lead the world in Climate change solutions and creativity and as always California leads by example.

     One inch of rain landing on each 2000 sq. foot of collection surfaces (In this case using solar Panels) harvests 1260 gallons of pure fresh water!!! When the rain slackens off, WaterFence can be filled and refilled with reusable water from the local water treatment plants. The slow release of water at night allows the ground to absorb the water and keeps it from being evaporated. Green growth along the freeways helps keep the temperatures down.

      One of the huge advantages of using WaterFence for watering is the ability of water to be drawn from every seven feet of fence. With shutoff valves for each tank the ability to place drip systems from anywhere along the wall.

     WaterFence will harvest 181,000 gallons of rain water per mile with only 1 inch of rain and that much again every time it rains 1 inch. Over flows are built in to the system in case of excess rain fall and operate without any intervention. Keeps thousands of gallons from Highway out of our streams and rivers.

WaterFence Sound suppression is better than brick

Is water a good sound absorber?  Yes!

    As sound travels through a medium such as water, it gets absorbed – caught by the molecules within the medium. … They do this by stealing some of the energy from the sound wave. The absorption in water is much greater than would be expected due to the viscosity of pure water.

    Water is twice as good for sound suppression. Studies indicate that water is a far better suppressor of sound then the current use of bricks.

     Levels of highway traffic noise typically range from 70 to 80 dB (A) at a distance of 15 meters (50 feet) from the highway

Earthquake Seismically engineered + Wind FEA Report

WaterFence has been professionally engineered to withstand most California earthquakes. Flexible connections allow bending and stretching even in the most severe cases, keeping your stored water and WaterFence in place.

    WaterFence has been designed to easily handle winds in excess of 125 MPH. higher wind testing can be done if needed.

Simple flexible connections connect each tank together with shut off valves between tanks to facilitate water flow control

     Automatic overflow system

If there is an exceptional amount of rain and WaterFence becomes full, the excess will automatically drain off any overflow to the designated drain points.

Virtually no maintenance needed, no moving parts

     Screens on the top of the collection rain gutters will keep debris from entering the WaterFence system.

Another unique feature of the WaterFence Soundwall system is the solar panels are self-cleaning with small sprinklers attached using WaterFence storage, the panels are washed at preset times and dates to rinse off the dirt dust and grime that would reduce electric output by as much as 85% therefore keeping the electric power generation at maximum. The water is not wasted, it drains back into the WaterFence sections.

Source, Effect of dust on solar PV panel

Safety, softer in crashes, walls give upon

Just like the barriers in front of overpasses WaterFence can absorb the hit and the steel beams prevent almost any penetration and therefore helps to save lives.

WaterFence specs, 7’ long by 6’ tall by 15.5 inches wide

WaterFence’s small footprint allows for installation using current Caltrans sound wall specifications. Mounting using the current cement footings means the installation of WaterFence has no unsurmountable changes in existing sound wall specs for the construction of freeway sound walls. Changeable height of concrete footings and the addition of solar panels attached to the top of WaterFence gives you just about any height requirements for sound walls.

Made from HDPE   (High Density Polyethylene)

UV treated High Density Polyethylene has been used for decades and proven itself to be very reliable. It is 100% recyclable, (all components of WaterFence are 100% recyclable). It will last many decades and WaterFence’s 30 year manufacturer’s warranty guarantees a long and lasting sound wall for the state’s highways, byways and freeways for decades to come.

     WaterFence’s tank sections are UV treated and most likely will give 50-60 years of non-maintenance service. Even longer when tanks have facades or plants covering them. If freeway needs to be widened uninstall WaterFence and just reuse it after freeway widening is complete.

WaterFence comes with a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty against factory defects.

WaterFence is a “sealed” system

WaterFence is a “sealed” rainwater harvesting system. This means that there is no bugs (Mosquitos etc.) that can enter the system also no rodents or other animals can get in. Because it is sealed and opaque there will be no algae or other biological growth

Cost much cheaper, product and labor costs way down

The huge cost of sound walls, (in some areas 2 million to 3.9 million per mile), (1 mile of WaterFence tanks (754 Tanks). Sound walls now becomes a profit area for the state. With water needs for the freeways taken care of, electricity being fed into the grid and freeway lights and signs, electric vehicle charging stations, Etc. California’s freeways now can be a profit instead of a loss. Plus with the addition of advertising on WaterFence, California can reap the benefits of many more sound walls generating huge profits.

     WaterFence is sectional, with each section is in 7 foot increments. You will no longer need a large amount of workers cementing blocks in place for weeks or even months. Installation time is very short, (see install video). The labor costs alone are dramatically reduced.

Solar Panels Create electrical power fed directly into the grid

Supplies power to freeway lights and signs California’s power grid is extremely taxed, adding solar to the many miles of Sound walls is much needed for our states power grid,

or to locally placed power wall battery storage systems, this can easily power Electric car recharging stations located at rest stops all along the Highways and Freeways, 24 hours a day.

     Here’s a simple formula for calculating your solar panel’s power output.

Solar panel watts x average hours of sunlight x 75% = daily watt-hours. …

250 watts x 5 hours x .75 = 937.5 daily watt hours. …

937.5 / 1000 = 0.937.

For each mile of the WaterFence soundwall system, it could produce approximately  637,500 kwH’s of power!!

Security, Galvenized steel posts prevent penetration

WaterFence will use 12 foot 6×3 inch .012 thickness galvanized steel mounting posts inserted in the 4’ cement footing gives the strength and almost impenetrable safety needed for our freeways. When filled each section of WaterFence weighs 2,272 lbs. (water weight 240 gallons x 8.5 lbs. of each gallon + 232 lbs. of each section of WaterFence). The filled WaterFence sections made from HDPE will absorb most of the impact minimizing injury and the steel posts will help prevent penetration. Along with the connected solar panels complete penetration is almost completely avoidable. If there is an accident or a puncture repairs are simple and fast. To repair a puncture is very simple and easy, tools needed are just a solder iron and some HDPE plastic and the repair is done. Time involved is very short in most cases. To replace a section of WaterFence simply close valves on either side of the section disconnect the plumbing and lift the section off and replace with new section, repair time very short in most cases.

Better looking and Interchangeable

WaterFence is a beautiful rain water storage system, with many different looks available to it, facades can be attached to the front and back in many different colors, designs. Custom facades can easily be manufactured. WaterFence can even be used as a live growing wall with vining flowers and other live plants giving it a beautiful living appearance. See photos of possible looks you can have using WaterFence. Advertising signs can be very quickly installed and removed, providing large amounts of additional revenue for the state. Solar Panels on top collect rain and funnel the rain into WaterFence whilst producing solar power for the state! Growing plants lowers freeway temperatures. Custom facades can easily be manufactured to suit any designs or needs.

Graffiti just washes off paint doesn’t stick

Another huge advantage of using WaterFence is the properties of HDPE, when it is defaced by graffiti paint doesn’t stick. Spray paints on current brick sound walls is an ugly mess and the cleaned up or most likely painted over sections never match. WaterFence can be easily cleaned by just power washing the painted areas and the result is like a brand new section.